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Sacramento Plastic Surgery Patient Rewards

We are excited to offer our valued patients a chance to earn credit for dollars spent at our Center. Our new program consists of a point system. Each dollar spent at the Center for aesthetic services, skincare products, will earn one point. Points may be used once the first reward level of 2,500 points is accumulated

Each patient that would like to participate in the program will receive a card similar to a credit card. The card has a number that will be assigned to the patient. All points accumulated will be mapped to the assigned number. Patients will be given an internet web-site that they can check the points as they add up.

To take full advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program, click this link: Create New Account

Note: There will be two versions of the card. One card will simply be gift card-not used for any points. The other will be the rewards card. Dollars spent on surgery not applicable to rewards program.

Rewards Program Rules

  • The Rewards Program is not available to employees or affiliates of Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center, Inc.
  • Points may not be redeemed for cash.
  • Points expire after two years
  • Points may be used toward gift certificates, services or products. Rewards levels—each level has a higher percentage of return:
    • Level 1: 2,500 points equals 100 redeemable dollars.
    • Level 2: 5,000 points equals 350 redeemable dollars.
    • Level 3: 7,500 points equals 600 redeemable dollars.
    • Level 4: 10,000 points equals 1000 redeemable dollars.
  • Patients must present the card in order to accumulate or redeem points.
  • Patients are responsible for the card. Our office will have no record of each patient’s number. If the card is stolen or lost, points may be applied to a new card—ONLY IF THE PATIENT CAN PRESENT THE NUMBER ASSIGNED TO THE CARD.
  • This program replaces all other current promotions.
  • Points are added on PRE-TAX amounts
  • Points/Gift redeemed excludes tax

EXAMPLE: A patient purchases 50 units of Botox, one syringe of Radiesse, 2 syringes of Restylane and $100.00 in skincare products. This totals $2700.00 or 2700 points. The patient may apply the earned $100.00 toward a future njection or other purchase. The 200 points left will stay on account toward the next reward. If the patient chooses to wait until the next level to redeem the rewards, the benefits are greater.