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Sacramento Plastic Surgery Success Stories

From WEAVE Catalyst newsletter
One Woman’s Story:

‘My abusive boyfriend hit my face one night when I accused him of coming home high on drugs. This time the “slap” was with the palm of his hand. He broke my nose and left me with a black eye. His words to me were, “Well, you shouldn’t have turned your face.”

I was too afraid to call the police because I thought when he got released he would come after me even harder. So I knocked on our landlord’s door, and she took care of me that night.

My abuser left me feeling run down and drained. He was good at turning on the charm one moment and insulting me the next. He kept me isolated from family and friends and I lived in constant fear. It was difficult to look at myself in the mirror at that time – I would always squint.

I knew my life was spiraling downward, and I finally had to do something to save myself. I left him, and slowly started healing. I received counseling at WEAVE, and they referred me to Dr. Kaniff for reconstructive surgery on my nose. I believe that Dr. Kaniff, all his staff, and the counselors at WEAVE are truly angels. The nose surgery and the counseling has change my life in profound ways, and it has helped me face my past and deal with it. I’m so thankful for Dr. Kaniff for his generous service, and for the caring people in his office. It’s a prime example of how love can spread through an entire community to heal and change it for the better. I feel I am not alone in this world, people care about me and want to support me.’

‘Thoughts of a Satisfied Client:

I went to see Dr. Kaniff because I wanted to feel better about how I looked. I wanted a natural, refreshed look that was more in keeping with how I felt inside. The question I had to answer was, “Am I making the right decision?, Is cosmetic surgery right for me? Will there be lasting side effects following surgery? Will I regret my decision later? Am I willing to make the commitment following surgery to insure the best possible outcome?”

I decided to go forward with surgery. I had confidence in my doctor. He addressed all my questions and concerns and assisted me in deciding just what would be really right for me. I felt calm and ready.

Not only am I pleased with the results of my cosmetic surgery, but also grateful for the support and genuine concern for my well being demonstrated by Dr. Kaniff and his knowledgeable and friendly staff. I most assuredly made the right decision.’

‘Even before going to junior high, I can remember being self conscious about my nose. When I would ask people if they thought I should have a rhinoplasty, or rather a nose job, they would always say something like ‘Oh, you look just fine. Your nose really isn’t that big.’ But I guess I knew better. Finally, at age 26, I had rhinoplasty performed at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center. All I can say is it changed my life! For the first time in my life I feel pretty. People complement me all the time on my pretty face and I’m amazed how it has done wonders for my self-image. I’d recommend Dr. Kaniff and his caring wonderful staff to anyone who, like me, feels self conscious about the size or shape of their nose.’
-Betty G.

‘I guess I just got sick and tired of looking sick and tired! So at age 40, I told my husband I wanted to set up a consultation. He went along with me and we both agreed that I should have eyelid surgery. Am I ever glad I did! It never dawned on me that having my eyelids done would actually make me look not only years younger, but rested and healthier too’
-Joan S.

‘Since I’ve been in my 40’s, my wife and kids have always ‘lovingly’ teased my about my love handles and the roll around my abdomen. After a while it rally started bothering me. I wanted to look fit again. I shared my thoughts with Dr. Kaniff and he suggested liposuction. He explained the technique he was recommending and I decided to go for it. I’m sure glad I did. My wife says she doesn’t miss those love handles at all. Neither do I!’
-Jim K.
Gold River

‘I’d always wanted to have liposuction. Believe it or not my husband gave me the procedure as a Christmas gift. I chose Dr. Kaniff as my surgeon. I have never been so happy. Liposuction turned out to be the best thing I ever did for myself and Dr. Kaniff put me at ease from the start. His reputation preceded him, but I never knew just how thrilled I could be with a group of medical professionals like I was at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center. I’m recommending Dr. Kaniff to all my friends.’
- Patti W. Granite Bay

‘I turned 50 and couldn’t stop thinking about a possible facelift. I didn’t want to look 25 again, but I did want to look the best I could for 50! Dr. Kaniff made that possible. All of my friends and family were amazed at how vibrant and more attractive I looked after my operation. Having a facelift was the best decision I ever made – for me!’
- Casey B. San Ramon

‘Growing up in Southern California near the beach was wonderful – but not so wonderful for my skin. Years later I paid the price. My skin was leathery looking. I had lines near my lips and crow’s feet too. After attending one of Dr. Kaniff’s seminars, I decided to try laser resurfacing. The improvement is remarkable. My skin’s texture is so smooth – like a baby’s bottom. I told my friends, it’s like starting over with brand new skin. I’d recommend Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center to anyone.’
Genevieve M.

‘It started with a few lines around my eyes and forehead. That’s when I began to feel self conscious. I visited Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center and it was recommended that I have Botox injections. I’d seen this on TV, but didn’t know much about it. I was given lots of helpful information and decided to have the injections – wow, look at me now. I never knew something like Botox could make such a difference in my appearance. My kids think I look years younger and that’s fine with me.’
Madeline K.

‘I’ve always been self conscious about my underdeveloped chin, probably since the seventh grade or earlier. My sister who had surgery at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center recommended that I see Dr. Kaniff. He took a great deal of time with me to explain all of my options. Finally, I decided to have a chin implant. The procedure was much easier than I’d expected and I now look like I was meant to look. My confidence is finally intact and I’ll never regret having this surgery performed.’
Marc L.

‘I first came to Dr. Kaniff for a second opinion on plastic surqery to improve the looks of my face. All the while he was studying my face, like an artist or architect would, imagining what he could do to make improvements. He took me to the mirror and showed me possibilities. He answered my questions and gave m e all the time with him that I needed. It was as though I was his most important patient.

After the consultation, Sharee talked to me about costs. Everything was laid out for me to examine. Sharee assured me nothing was hidden, there were no approximate numbers, and there would be no added costs. I liked her cordial professional manner. I left sensing that this was an honest, caring and competent organization.

Five months later, Kaniff performed my surgery-face lift, browlift, eyelids, cheek implants, plus laser surgery around my eyes and mouth.
Now, four months later at age 54, I happily look 40. . .And I owe it all to Dr. Kaniff and his quality staff’

“I have never been treated as well or felt as comfortable as with Dr: Kaniff and his staff. They are wonderful! I would also have no problem referring family, friends or anyone to this office. . ."


“…All aspects of my surgery experience at your office, both pre surgery and post surgery, was very positive and I’ve willingly shared my enthusiasm with all my friends and family who ask."

Dear Dr. Kaniff
Here it is four months since my surgery and I feel completely back to normal.

There are not enough words to express my joy and complete satisfaction with my operation. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner.
Having the operation has given me a renewed good feeling about myself.

Every morning when I put my makeup on and do my hair, I am thoroughly pleased with the way I look. What a nice way to feel about yourself. The mental lift is wonderful.
I experienced no pain. I slept well every night (after the first). I followed your instructions faithfully, and had no problems at all. I even lost a few pounds happily.

All in all -I recommend a full month off full relaxation, which is what I did, for complete stamina recovery.
I cannot recommend you or this operation highly enough. It is the greatest gift any women (or man) can present to themselves. I would encourage anyone who is unhappy about any part of their face to get a hold of you and go for it!

Since I did three years of reading, research and interviewing of plastic surgeons in Sacramento, you can tell your potential patients that all their homework has been done by me. They can save themselves a lot of time by going with the most qualified -Dr. Kaniff.

People who do not know that I had the surgery see me and say "boy, you look great –have you lost a little weight?"
People who know I had the surgery and see me say “boy, what a great job you, look fifteen years younger.”

What more can a girl ask for!
A thousand thank you’s to you Dr. Kaniff – you made this lady extremely happy, younger feeling and younger looking.

R. R.

P.S. Please feel free to use my name or letter for a reference anytime. I would be happy to encourage anyone about this big step.

‘Dear Dr. Kaniff,
I want to compliment you on your office staff…(who were) polite, professional and personable and gave me all the information I needed and more. She made my decision on picking you as my physician in the future on our phone call alone.
I am a secretary for a very busy lobbyist’s office … (and your office staff ‘s) attitude is very rare in this professional age and I just wanted to make sure that you know what a delightful asset you had in your staff!’

‘Dear Dr. Kaniff,
I am forever grateful to you; you truly have a gift, a golden touch! I certainly feel much more attractive. I know I am now. I often see smiles of approval. Thank you so much and may God be with you always.’

"A superb staff!! Everyone unique and genuinely Idlld. I was well taken care of ill a beautiful environment " – RM

"Everyone was very pleasant, thank you for checking on me everyday". -DS

"Bravissimo "!! – CC

"Enjoyed the daily phone calls" – SC

"Thank you everyone, I am so glad you were all with me and thanks again Dr. Kaniff"
- EC

“Dear Dr. Kaniff and staff,

This letter sends my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful and caring service you and your staff provided prior to, during and after my facial surgery.
My initial consultation with you was in a relaxed environment, informative, and personalized. Your staff was very helpful when I called to ask questions about my upcoming surgery. I commend them for their cheerfulness and genuine caring nature.

The day of the surgery your staff was so supportive and assuring, which reinforced my goal to take this big step. Upon awakening after the surgery I remember how normal I felt. I almost felt guilty taking the next two weeks off from work because I felt so good.

…Today when someone comments as to how wonderful I look or wants to know where I spent my vacation so they can look as relaxed and refreshed, I let them know who is really responsible. Thanks again for giving me a new look on life!"

".. .The after surgery was very comfortable -I felt as if the doctor and his staff were on call just for me." -C.P.

I have never been treated as well or felt as comfortable than with Dr. Kaniff and his staff -they are wonderful. I would not hesitate to refer my family and friends to your office."

‘. . .Thank you for making it so easy for both my husband and myself to put our trust and confidence in you, Dr. Kaniff. We are very happy with the results after surgery, just wish I would have done it sooner: Your staff is great, we enjoyed everyone.’
– N.K

‘…I was very impressed with every aspect of my visit, surgery and information. Dr. Kaniff was very thorough and even told me things I didn’t want to hear. Dr. Kaniff and Shuree make a terrific team and enhance the comforting attitude.’ – H.E.

‘…It was pretty exciting to get carded for the first time in years, right after you did my facelift surgery…I loved it.’ – D.P.

"While at work, some consultants came in to hand out fliers. As I was filling out the questionnaire, one woman commented on my nose! She looked at her fellow consultant and said, "Doesn’t she have the most perfect nose?" The other women said she was just noticing the same thing and thought that I had the perfect profile! It was another moment I would have never believed would happen to me and I just wanted to send yet another thank you. My surgery has really changed my life and it would not have happened if it weren’t for you. Thank you so much Dr. Kaniff!" – RF

I will recommend Dr. Kaniff to anyone interested in facial surgery. He did a wonderful job for me.”- R.W.

Doctor is a friendly man- very professional yet comfortable to be around.
- M.D.

I appreciate the daily phone calls after surgery.

Good experience both times in surgery with this office.

I enjoyed everyone in the office. They made me feel special.

‘My husband says I look like the gal he met years ago’ – C.B., after her recent facelift

‘I love my new nose. It looks natural and fits with my other facial features.’
– T.S.

‘If I had know it was this easy, I would have done it years ago.’ – T.L., Sacramento, after eyelid surgery.

‘To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to let you know I am very thankful for the excellent job Dr. Thomas Kaniff did to restore my breathing and my nose to its’ original condition before I broke it. Before my nasal operation sleeping at night was very difficult even with sinus medication. I would wake up on and off at night, most nights. I was tired all day.
I was afraid to have this operation done because of my father’s experience with his nose… I wanted to remind you what a wonderful Dr. you have on staff … ‘
- V.A.

‘Dear Doctor Kaniff & Staff,
I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful job. You are truly and artist and a master of you craft. There are no words to express the happiness I feel. Please thank all of your staff for exceptional treatment. Also, please thank the girls in the surgery room; I could not have gone through this without their support.’
- J.S.