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Arranging Your Consultation


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The initial first step is to schedule an appointment for a consultation. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and get answers to your questions. In addition, we will help you plan and visualize your potential results with our state-of-the-art computer imaging process.

Following your consultation with Dr. Kaniff we will be glad to assist you in scheduling your surgery. In doing so we will want to select a time that is most convenient for you and one that meets your work, school, home or vacation schedule.

Based on the type of surgery you will be having, it will also be necessary for you to schedule standard pre-operative lab work, such as blood tests and an electrocardiogram. Be aware that Dr. Kaniff may refer you to other medical specialists if your case requires additional medical information.

Our goal is to be thorough yet offer as much convenience and ease as possible.

Preparation For Surgery: Mental And Physical

Preparation for your surgery is both a mental and physical effort. Being both mentally and physically prepared for your cosmetic surgery will help to ensure a more positive experience and speedy recovery.

Mental Preparation

How patients prepare themselves mentally for surgery can determine how well they cope with their recovery. Knowing what to expect and reducing stress are key factors in preparing for cosmetic surgery.

Support of family and friends is also helpful in preparation for cosmetic surgery of any kind. During the recovery period you should make arrangements for others to help you for a period of time.

Physical Preparation

Ideally, you will want to be in the best possible physical condition for your surgery. Dr. Kaniff will discuss with you how to prepare yourself physically for your procedure. This will include among other things, before and after instructions, a list of supplies you will need and prescriptions. You will also want to check with Dr. Kaniff’s professional staff about how to best prepare for your upcoming procedure.

Post-operative Care

The day after your surgery you may be asked to return to the office for removal of any dressings and to check for proper healing. At this time, Dr. Kaniff and his staff will review with you the post-operative procedures to ensure the best possible result.

A follow-up visit will be scheduled for approximately one week following the surgery or sooner if necessary.

With strict attention to the post-operative instructions, returning to work and social activities is now measured in days, rather than weeks, for most procedures.


Patients traveling from out of town may want to consider local accommodations prior to and after surgery. Some patients prefer to arrive in Sacramento the night before surgery, so they can avoid rush hour traffic and enjoy a stress free morning. And, since you will be asked to return to the office the day after your procedure for a post-operative visit, staying at a local hotel makes this more convenient. We will be more than happy to assist you in making these arrangements.

Patients who have been administered anesthesia, whether staying at home or in a hotel, are required to have someone stay with them to provide care as needed, and to drive them to and from the office. If you should need assistance in arranging for a caregiver, please contact our office and one of our staff members can help in assisting you with local companies specializing in postoperative care. Here is a list of accommodations within close proximity to our office: