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Sacramento Candidates for Plastic Surgery

Men and women alike should start by asking themselves, “What are my expectations of cosmetic surgery?” At Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center we know that assessing your own candidacy for surgery is a worthwhile investment for all involved.

Certainly not everyone is a candidate for cosmetic surgery. In some cases, patients have very unrealistic expectations of what cosmetic surgery can actually do for them.

During your consultation Dr. Kaniff will assess your individual expectations to determine an accurate evaluations of your needs. You have already given yourself a head start on this important process by conducting your own self-evaluation at the beginning stages of interest.

The objective here is to discover whether or not your expectations of cosmetic surgery are realistic, uncover any warning signs that indicate your expectations may be too high.

Your perceptions regarding the out come of your surgery often determine overall satisfaction. Therefore, setting realistic expectations and understanding our perceptions and motives will help ensure that you are pleased with the results.

Dealing with Natural Fears

There is a saying that minor surgery is only minor when it is someone else’s. By no means is most cosmetic surgery considered minor. Many of the procedures are considered major surgery and with that comes a patient’s natural fears, anxieties and concerns.

It is perfectly natural to be thinking of questions such as: What will I look like when it’s over? Will I be sorry? Just how much will this hurt? Suppose there are complications?

At Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center we believe that the best way to assist patients and prepare them to handle these natural fears and concerns is with timely information and answers to all their questions. We provide our patients with facts and statistics, as well as, easy-to-understand non-medical jargon resources such as this website.

You are viewing a valuable resource guide that can be utilized in many ways for your specific individual needs and personal desires. It’s easy to reference format allows this website to be used time and time again and to be shared with others contemplating the same goals through cosmetic surgery.

The Importance Of Support From Family and Friends

“Your nose looks okay to me,” was the unfortunate reaction received by one patient from a friend when the woman confided she was considering have nose surgery (rhinoplasty) performed. She decided to proceed with surgery because it is something she had always wanted for herself.

Most often patients with support from family and friends experience a quicker and easier recovery time. As a cosmetic surgery patient, you will find emotional support of others helpful.

Body Image and Self-Concept

Body image and self concept play a major role in better understanding a person’s motivation to have cosmetic surgery. Your self perception is made up of thoughts, attitudes, emotions and general concepts about your body.

Your image begins to emerge in infancy and continues to develop throughout your lifetime. Your self image is influenced and shaped by the reactions of others, your individual experiences and the particular culture in which you were raised.

Dissatisfaction with various aspects of your physical appearance does not constitute a poor self-image or self-concept by any means. Most people experience some degree of dissatisfaction with how they look at some point in their lives. This is most often the underlying motivation for investigating cosmetic surgery.

The key is maintaining a healthy outlook about who you really are inside and what makes you a unique individual. A person with a positive outlook, and the desire to improve their appearance, is more likely to have a positive cosmetic surgery experience and a quicker recovery.

Why Are You Doing This? Start With An Honest Evaluation.

At Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center we believe that the process of making a truly informed decision about cosmetic surgery starts before you make an appointment for a consultation.

The process begins by asking these questions:

  • Can you describe what features you are dissatisfied with and why?
  • What goals are you trying to achieve with cosmetic surgery?
  • Do you have enough time to devote to an adequate recuperation period following surgery?
  • Will you have dependable support in place following your surgery?